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Today, the sustainable success of companies is, to a large extent, the result of motivated and committed employees working in teams that carry out and constantly improve their processes. Starting up a new team, improving an existing one or even transforming a team into into a (semi-) autonomous or self-steering team, we offer professional support, team coaching and guidance.

Work alone = to sum up!
Work in team = to multiply!


How does Stanwick help?

For new or existing teams, Stanwick facilitates the team development process using the following steps:

  • Mapping the characteristics of the team, its individual members and the larger organizational context based on information gathered during in-depth interviews
  • During one or more (residential) team workshop(s), the team analysis is shared and studied in detail. The goals, roles, mutual expectations of the team are all clarified.

  • Development requires time, repetition and continuous feedback. We therefore strongly recommend that companies invest time in follow-up activities, individual coaching, team coaching and progression analysis.


For the development of autonomous and self steering teams we:

  • Provide help in understanding the urgency to set up a team oriented organization and develop an adequate strategy
  • Assess your organization based on the TAO methodology. This methodology is a unique, integrated approach that has been developed by Stanwick. It has proven its value many times when supporting teams in their next step to self-steering (T=Teamwork; A= Autonomy; O=Organization).
  • Based on the results of the TAO-assessment and working together with the management, we draw up a clear vision and a change roadmap. The implementation consists out of 4 phases, which allow teams to grow towards more self-steering.
  • Help to transform a team into a healthy, independent units with challenging aims, clear rules and pragmatic procedures.
  • Hlp to prepare the first-line managers to take on their new, changed role. Once the units have taken up a lot of supervision tasks themselves, the team leader will focus on the boundaries and the interaction between the team and other units in the organization. The constant development of the knowledge and the skills of her/his employees will also be one of their tasks.


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Project references for teamwork: Brava, Deceuninck Plastics, Janssen Geel & Beerse, Mechelse Veilingen, Tibotec, Tiense Suiker, VRT, Bond Moyson Oost-Vlaanderen
Project references for self-steering teams: Pfizer, Van Hoecke, Janssen Beerse, Philips, Lotus Bakeries

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