Katia Van Den Bremt, new partner in Stanwick

Katia Van Den Bremt

Today more than ever, Stanwick is a thriving, decisive and young organisation that is ready for the next 25 years through the gradual integration of young partners. Katia Van Den Bremt joined Stanwick's management as of 1 January 2020. We'll let her tell her story herself.

"When I started at Stanwick on 1 September 2003, after an initial consulting experience at De Witte & Morel, my main goal was to become a professional trainer and consultant. As a 'young brat', I found myself in a team of very experienced colleagues, and immediately knew that they could help me realise this ambition. I knew that their passion and energy for their job as a consultant and for Stanwick as a company would infect me to such an extent that I’m now taking the step to develop Stanwick further in the future."

"I'm proud that, after 16 years, I can still count the days I’ve come to work 'against my will' on my 10 fingers. Taking care of training and consultation trajectories, getting to know different companies, enthusing new groups of participants, starting new projects: all this gives me lots of energy every day. And, of course, I can't forget 'the warm nest’. As an employer, Stanwick has supported me in all aspects of my life, even when it turned out that the little family that my husband and I dreamed of would become a more complex project."

"As a partner, I am particularly committed to achieving our ambitious growth plans with regard to the number of employees while maintaining our typical Stanwick values. Extreme professionalism and a thorough customer orientation are of paramount importance to us, but 'care for each other' and 'respect for everyone's being' also characterise our organisation from the inside."

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