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We advise national and international companies in their growth and transition. We stand for optimization and implementation – The Stanwick Way. Our highly experienced hands-on team helps evolve businesses offering consultancy, coaching and training.

Stanwick. Pur sang.

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Beluister de Stanwick podcast

Beluister de Stanwick podcast

Stanwick. Drive for results.

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diagnose - stanwick

Diagnosis: problem solving

Organisatie van de transformatie

Organizing transformation

Uitrol van de implementatie - Stanwick

Roll-out and implementation

Structureel borgen in de organisatie - Stanwick

Long-term anchoring in the organization

Stanwick. Drive for results.

We do it the Stanwick way

Drive for results - Stanwick

Personal approach

You know what your company needs. We take time to listen and then work together with you to map out an approach that will work in your particular setting. Our consultant stays involved from beginning to end, working together with you to achieve the best possible results.

Creating commitment - Stanwick

Shared knowledge

You already have plenty of expertise within your company. We supplement that with our own specialist know-how. By sharing our knowledge and experience with you, we can join forces for even clearer insight.

Effective change management - Stanwick


You are ready to move forward. We bring a hands-on attitude and methods that will help you use the right tools and techniques at the right time. With a view to achieving outstanding results, we dare to challenge both ourselves and your company.

Project based approach - Stanwick


You need to be ready for today’s challenges and those of tomorrow. We examine your specific situation closely to offer you tailor-made approaches and solutions. We like to visit our clients and stay connected.

Inez Finoulst - stanwick management consultants

Skillful in the act

If you can’t solve it, it’s not a problem.

Inez Finoulst