Stanwick advises national and international companies in their growth and transition. We stand for optimization and implementation. Our highly experienced hands-on team helps evolve businesses offering consultancy, coaching and training.

Stanwick. Pur sang.

A large number of organisations are using testing (aptitude and suitability testing) to help make decisions about individuals within their organisations. The benefits of introducing testing into...

Mid-June, we welcomed a new colleague in the Stanwick team: Jelle Goyvaerts.

Jelle has 5.5 year experience in the aerospace manufacturing industry. He stands for profound hands-on work to...

We implement sustainable solutions driven by human dynamics.

By working in a project-oriented manner, we control the speed and rhythm of the transformation.

First and foremost, we are a down-to-earth enterprise of customer oriented consultants and trainers.

A good solution is a solution that is accepted and supported by the stakeholders.

We share our knowledge; you get to know what we know!

We always build upon the power and strengths already present in each company.

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