I want to strengthen people, teams and organisations in their response-ability!

Wim Verschueren

The best way to predict the future is to create it. 

Jean-Paul Nauwelaers

Sympathize, contribute and energize.

Jan Provoost

Let’s go for it! Make progress in team and enjoy the WOW-feeling it gives!

Katia Van Den Bremt

Together, we rise to the challenge!

Cedric De Smet

Let the problem and its data do the talking, not the engineers.

Guido Desmarets

Involving people en using their strengths is essential.

Tim Beghin

We try to make our customers shine!

Johan Versieck

Mobilize people in order to get the best out of them.

Caroline Noël

Promise and deliver!

Dirk van Helder

The past only delivers memories; the future offers dreams and challenges.

Guy Bracke

Each problem can make you smile – I’ll show you how!

Kurt Maegherman

Let passion, power and energy be your drivers!

Nick Vanhalst

Eliminate waste and create flow – just do it!

Stefaan Vandenberghe

We believe that rhythm and regularity stabilise your company!

Tom van der Straeten

Crystal clear solutions through a profound methodical approach.

Jelle Goyvaerts

Together we put in place what is on your mind.

Jeroen Van den Hove

The soft facts are the hard facts.

Stefanie Schomaker

"We make it happen"

Didier Caporali

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Driven by passion to help the customer

In 2003 Stanwick became an independent consultancy firm after being a part of the Bekaert group for almost 30 years. The actual partners and owners are Didier Caporali, Tom Van der Straeten, Karine Roodhooft, Nick Vanhalst, Hervé Pochart and Jean-Paul Nauwelaers.

--- hier komt de team banner ---

"People make the difference" and this applies in particular in the consulting business.

The Stanwick team is made up of professionals with complementary skills and educational backgrounds: psychologists, engineers, economists and scientists. All our consultants have extensive experience in manufacturing, service and/or the public sector.

This multidisciplinary team makes Stanwick into a uniquely professional organisation. Consultants with a technical background team up with consultants with in-depth knowledge of human and organizational development. This combination guarantees a strong integration of business methods, economical and industrial issues, and behavioural aspects. We believe this to be a unique approach in consultancy. 


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