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Stanwick Rondetafel mei-juni 2020 - Van verweer over veerkracht naar verbeelding

Stanwick roundtable May-June 2020 - From defense over resilience to imagination

At the end of May, Stanwick organised 3 round-tables with company leaders from around the world, both during and after COVID-19.
Stanwick statistisch model regression

Why use statistical models in an organisation?

Statistical models are something you hear about from all sides in these bizarre “corona days”. Something that many people are working on.
Myopie in organisaties - Stanwick management consultants

Down with myopia in organisations!

Research shows that myopia in people has increased drastically over the last half-century. Overuse of the eyes at close range often leads to this myopia.
5S - Stanwick Management consultants

5S: Neat work environment or much more?

5S is a method for creating and maintaining a pleasant, orderly, tidy, safe and productive working environment with all the people involved, based on agree
Zo kom je als bedrijf sterker uit de coronacrisis

This is how you emerge stronger as a company from the corona crisis

Our Belgian companies are among the world leaders, both in terms of productivity and innovation.

Co-sourcing, realising results and steering operational processes

"Co-sourcing is the process of outsourcing certain business activities to an external vendor"
Yellow, green and black belts: wat betekenen ze en wat is het nut?

Yellow, green and black belts: what do they mean and what's the point?

As process improvement trainers and coaches, we receive questions every week asking what all these different "belt
Stanwick - future-proof organisation

Engagement and clarity are the secret ingredients to successful transformations

In a time where new technological developments are changing things at an increasingly rapid pace, the workplace has become an interesting, yet challenging enviro
Bayer Crop Science & Stanwick

Together, Bayer Crop Science & Stanwick shift six sigma into a higher gear

With (6 sigma) improvement projects we try to identify the most important process parameters in order to understand a process and thus to be able to steer and control it.
Hoe digitalisatie te gebruiken als motor richting Operational Excellence?

How can you use digitisation as a motor towards Operational Excellence?

Stanwick developed the digital factory game in the light of Operational Excellence and the trend towards digitisation.
De Factory of the Future is een Focused Factory

The Factory of the Future is a Focused Factory

In 1974, W. Skinner published an article about the Focused Factory in the Harvard Business Review.
Sales&Operations Planning: roeien richting Supply Chain Excellence

Sales & Operations Planning: rowing in the direction of Supply Chain Excellence

Imagine that you are in a rowing boat along with a few colleagues from the other departments of your organisation.
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